Why is Uthango doing this project?

The company is led by social entrepreneurs, and when the dilemma of the vuvuzela's noise hit the media, it sparked the idea that there MUST be a solution in Africa. Like most problems we face on the continent, most solutions are also locally available if one asks the right questions. And there was one... So, we do this both to raise funds for our pro-poor development projects in South Africa and because it is the right thing to do. We are not an earplugs company, but partnered with manufacturers and the medical fraternity to make this happen through a mutually-beneficial business model. Proceeds are applied primarily for Uthango's operational costs and specifically our research and social innovation work (not easily funded via grants), for instance in terms of virtual worlds and sustainable development models.

More importantly, two universal human rights are also in the picture when we attend these mass events with lots of noise and as an African-based development agency, we promote the practical enforcement of basic human rights - even in the recreation, sports and entertainment arena:

“Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits” and

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living that is adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family”...

~ The story of how the initiative started, is told by The Choir on these pages ~

Why these earplugs? Would you consider others?

The Perfect Fit earplugs that we sourced locally are of high quality and design - condoned by Ear, Nose and Throat professionals. We wanted to buy South African. The earplugs have been scientifically tested (NRR 28), are SABS approved and manufactured in South Africa. It was also patented according to international EN standards. The supplier demonstrated job creation in the production process and assembly of the products contributes to providing employment to 120 people living with disability in Cape Town as part of a broader provincial initiative. Noise is not blocked totally, so any music and sports' event can still be enjoyed, with noise reduced for people wearing the earplugs. We will only consider other providers and suppliers if the same principles as above apply, and a better agreement than current could be negotiated.

Why don't I just buy directly from manufacturers?

Your company would like to be part of a broader corporate social investment (CSI) initiative that supports socio-economic projects, and the supplier respects Uthango's intentions, efforts and relationship with itself and will not entertain circumvention.

Can I get one for myself?

Yes, you can! Visit Web Ticket and Buy one online to collect close to Century City. You also buy it from two BP PicknPay Express Stores in Cape Town that supports the initiative. See Contact us. Get earplugs. Alternatively, call us and we can try make a plan to get it to you - for 10 or more earplugs: +27791070161

Is it possible to BULK order and do you deliver?

Yes, of course we prefer bulk orders and offer very competitive prices. Delivery is also door to door via trust-worthy courier. We currently have stock already packaged and ready to go for delivery within 3 working days. Email us for any enquiry and we can talk business.

Do you also sell vuvuzelas?

No we do not sell the vuvuzela. We add value to retailers that take vuvuzelas to market since we believe it is their social responsibility to advocate for hearing protection while using vuvuzelas. Mascincedane Sport, with its co-founder Neil van Schalkwyk, was the first vuvuzela manufacturer that recognised the possible health risks associated with the vuvuzela. He agreed to include our earplugs into his offer.

Is UTHANGO and this initiative anti-vuvuzela or anti-Africa?

No. Not at all. Vuvuzelas are part of the South African soccer experience. We acknowledge this and do not see ourselves as anti-vuvuzela, but pro-hearing. We do not believe the two are mutually-exclusive, when vuvuzelas are adapted to be less harmful to hearing and hearing protection is encouraged at large sports and music events. Health is a key issue in development in Africa. Lack of information about issues related to health concerns us, because Africans (and soccer lovers) do not always have access to the latest research - such as the impact of the vuvuzela on their hearing.

Thank you to our popular comic strip Madam and Eve for amazing commentary above. Also see the brilliant Mama Taxi - uniquely South African.


The story of the vuvuzela and the need for hearing protection are widely reported in the media. The following are articles worth reading, with a variety of perspectives and opinions:

Contact us any time if you wish to do a story on the initiative. Email Uthango Directors or call us: +27791070161